Session Info, Date & Place

The ELS Healthcare Robots will take place in March 24th 2016, at 10:45-15:30, in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, during the ERF Conference.

This ERF session brings together the three robotics and health related projects funded in the H2020 ICT-26 andICT-25 Calls in April 2017: SMARTsurgCYBERLEGs Plus Plus and MOVECARE. They cover three of the main aspects of health related robotics: rehabilitation, surgery and assisted living. All of them consider users (professional experts and beneficiaries) in the loop, therefore, raising regulatory issues and ELSA (Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects) related to the level of autonomy associated with the robotic system and the user interaction and perception of the service that such a system can provide.

The three projects, building on the previous experiences, are at the forefront of the research in the field, sharing ELSA considerations in the three paradigmatic health scenarios. Each scenario considers robotic systems acting with or inside the patient, the fact that raises issues and can delay the deployment and commercialisation process.

The above considerations will be widely examined and discussed in this workshop thanks to the participation of researchers, industrial partners, ELSA experts and healthcare experts (end users). The session will be divided in short presentations addressing the healthcare needs and solutions proposed in the three projects (robot-assisted surgery, physiotherapy, augmentation of residual movement abilities, and assisted living), the issues related to the levels of autonomy in healthcare robotics and ELSA, and the barriers encountered by spin-offs in the field (regulatory aspects, clinical trials, EU vs. non EU competition etc.) followed by a round table open to the audience for discussion.